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college in an app

aganki is a cloud-based mobile & browser application launching in 2015. It provides a social and academic platform for students and instructors to boost efficiency and create a more meaningful experience at school. The platform combines basic features like a calendar, grade book, document storage, forums, and social profiles, and links them to create a comprehensive school experience.


As students, we have a million things to do these days, and a million and one different tools, people and places to do them with. Who can be productive when every function is spread out across several platforms, and each instructor is using a different service for their classes?

aganki is the platform that will bring students’ hard work to fruition, creating a central place with all of the necessary tools and resources.


Instructors teach to contribute to and enrich the lives of their students. Interaction and collaboration outside of the “lecture” is crucial to this relationship. How do instructors engage students while keeping their own schedules and productivity intact?

aganki will provide instructors with the tools to become an active and meaningful part of every student’s school experience.


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our story

So here’s the deal. We’re three young women who are passionate about school and education. We were just minding our own business when we realized…college is ridiculously complicated. And then the real epiphany: it doesn’t need to be!

So we decided to do something about it, and that’s how aganki came to be: an app where students and instructors collaborate to build an open learning environment. As students ourselves, we know that nothing is more annoying than when you sit down to do something for school and you have to use 10 different notebooks, 3 different devices, 6 different highlighters, and endless open browser tabs…the list goes on. So we’re making one hell of an app with killer good looks where both students and instructors can find everything they need to make the college experience more productive and meaningful.