I like to dive in headfirst – and simply refuse to come up for air. I write, speak, draw, read, and live in a perpetual state of fascination. I love to help people spread the word about the awesome things they do. Nice to meet ya!

I’ve worked for non-profit organizations, large B2B companies, small B2C startups (and vice versa), and multiple volunteer organizations. I’m a strong multi-channel marketer with experience spanning web, social, and email content, as well as advertising, events, and graphic design. I do it all. Whatever it takes. If you’re really dying to, you can see my résumé here.

Until I collect them all in this space, you can find my various interests, endeavors, and the humble fruits of my perfectionist labors sprinkled across the internet – links below. You can also contact me, and since the internet is far too creepy a place to share my mailing address, email will just have to do, won’t it?